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Alteryx on Citrix

12 - Quasar

Hi all


We are currently investigating installing Alteryx in our Citrix environment. The way this is set up is that everyone has the same install of all programs and these are restored every time the virtual machines reboot. This causes a licensing issue for us, as the licence folder is part of the folders that are standardised and are wiped every night. The same goes for the macro config files, etc. Is there a way of setting up these folders somewhere else, like AppData? Or is there any other recommended way of dealing with this issue?


Anything else we need to look out for with this type of install?





Hi @kat


Thank you for reaching out to us. We have many customers using Citrix environments successfully. However, please keep in mind that we do not currently test either Alteryx Designer or Alteryx Server on Citrix platforms and as such support for those deployments would be limited. You also have potential licensing complications to consider as we currently issue licenses on a per seat basis. These licenses/seats are intended to be registered to a single workstation and user per seat basis, and you may encounter complications with this licensing model depending on your specific Citrix integration/deployment as you are probably finding out with your current deployment.


Based on your current configuration it seems you are using Non-Persistent disk drives and this will invalidate your license agreement as we do not support non-persistent disk drives.  Drives must be persistent to account profiles and cannot be wiped out as every new Citrix instance created will be considered a new machine and this is where our licensing will not work for you if you are going to use this non-persistent disk.

Christian Rincon
Manager, Customer Support
Alteryx, Inc.