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Alter Habits AYX App - Anyone up for a challenge?


Hi All! 


I would like to build an App to Alter Habits. I'm looking to team up with some people to develop this app. I started thinking about this when I couldn't get MyFitnessPal to do everything I wanted, even with the Premium version. We say, "Alter Everything", I would like to build this app to support healthy habits. 


The problem: Achieving great health comes with great sacrifices, it takes time and effort to count calories, weigh food, calculating macros, and stick to it on a daily basis. More when people are just starting to build new healthy habits. 

To make this process easier and accomplish health goals, and build healthy habits, the process should be simplified and automated as much as possible.


Goal: An app that suggests what to eat and how much can be eaten while sticking to a user's health goals.


Known Challenge: 


  • Connecting to MyFitnessPal's API and get access to their database of food and exercise. 


App Initial Ideal Functionality:


  • Calculation of Macros and calorie goals dependent on time available to accomplish the main goal, taking into consideration current weight, and/or body fat percentage 


  • MyFitnessPal main functionality of tracking daily calories depending on user input and selection of food consumed. 


  • Automated calculation of Macros and remaining calories for consumption (dependent on user input of daily consumed food and calories burned by exercising). 


  • New functionality - Provide a list of suggestions on what to eat, dependent on available calories and macros. Only specific quantities and foods that fit the criteria will be listed.
    • Ideally, a user can select its favorite foods and these will be listed first.
  • Other functionality - Schedule end of day report providing analytics on daily achievement and about how the user is performing in regards to the health goal. As a project manager, is the user on track to meet the set goals on time?   




I'm super excited to get this started! 




Alejandra Lyon



That's a great Idea, I liked it. I am not sure how much I can contribute in terms of coding other than Alteryx, but definitely would like to collaborate and make something interesting.


Hi @TarunDeep !


Excellent! I'm hoping we can get someone fairly technical that may be able to help with the API side.


Looking forward to working on this with you!


Take a look at the functionality available in Microsoft Power Apps.  I'm not an experienced user but it seems very intuitive and doesn't require any coding beyond the level an average Alteryx user would have.


Thanks @Paul-JSY ! I'll check it out.