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Adobe Analytics Connector - Data Loss?

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Hello everyone, just wondering if folks have run into a similar error or problem like this before, and, if so, how you've resolved it.


I followed the guide ( to download, install, and set up the Adobe Analytics Connector.  I opened up the site alongside the connector, and set up the tool to pull the date range, granularity, metric, elements, and segment that I needed for my data pull. 


Looking at the Adobe user site for my data, we should be pulling something in the vicinity of 200k rows of information, but when we run the pull from the connector tool, only 70-100 records get pulled.  We change the segment and granularity, to see if those were holding the correct data back, but we were still only getting a tiny fraction of the data we should have been getting.


Has anyone run into this issue before, where the connector doesn't pull the amount of information you'd expect it to?


Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!