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Adaptive split string

8 - Asteroid

I have a data set that is used to update a CRM type tool. The requirements on this data update are sketchy and frankly weird. I'm hoping a meeting with them can shed light into this process and prevent me from having to entertain such a potential issue as I present to you now. 


The data is an extract of website urls seen below:



The CRM needs a space separation between all words, including station lettering so the output would look like this:



CRM Load moody Radio .org/indiana
wbkwradio.comwbkw radio .com
www.973joefm.comwww. 973 joe fm .com
www.wixe.comwww. wixe .com
mytalk1071.commy talk 1071 .com
www.am1460wixn.comwww. am 1460 wixn .com
www.rivercountry1017.comwww. river country 1017 .com
www.1057thexrocks.comwww. 1057 the x rocks .com
www.greatesthits981.comwww. greatest hits 981 .com


Why the data needs to be formatted as such is beyond my knowledge right now. I've used Python to make simple word analysis based on key words in comments sections scrapped from the web but never something this complex.


Any suggestions input on if Alteryx could assist in this process?

10 - Fireball

Hi @GoldenDesign04 


I don't think there is no direct or faster way to solve this. At a glance, my thoughts are to use the python tool and a text analytics package that might help parsing out words from a sentence.


You can then use formula tools to add spaces in between each word or use PIVOTING based on the output from the parser.