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Action filter with drop down list with external file not working

8 - Asteroid

Hi all, 

I guess it's very simple, but I'm completly stucked on it. I want to filter from drop down list, but it shows no results or not applies selected name. I tried all settings found in Action's menu. Thanks in advance!


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @mat_ste_cb


The problem is in your tenants names.yxdb file.  The name value pairs you have all have TENANT as the value.  

   Value       Name  

1 TENANT !Con Fitness
2 TENANT (Magazyn)
3 TENANT 1 Minute
4 TENANT 24 Holiday
5 TENANT 3 Naj


This is the what is used in the workflow to replace PEPCO in your filter.  The final filter value ends up being 



[Tenant] = "TENANT"



The values in the [names] column are what shows up in the drop down list.  The values in the [Values] column are what is use downstream


Change your [Values] to match the values in the [Tenant] column in your main data list.


  !Con Fitness !Con Fitness



8 - Asteroid

Thanks a lot! I spent plenty of hours trying to solve it. I'm so greatful and delighted!

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Glad to help



6 - Meteoroid

Are you able to use the data contained inside of the database or do you need a separate list? Like if I want the user to select which ID the would like to look up which will in turn become the filter applied. can I indicate =if(C=C:C sort of deal. Or even Manually enter the ID numbers for the 132 products we have?  IE:  


Name: Value 

1        2

2        2






These columns being in the same database the filter is? Sorry if I am not allowed to ask additional questions on a thread. I found this answer for the same reason so I hope this is ok. 


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @Kim_Donner 


The interface tools in Alteryx are configured and displayed at the start of the workflow.  You can't perform some processing, and use this data to display a drop down list mid way through.  That's the reason that the Interface tools have an option for "Fields from Connected Tool" and not "Data from Connected Tool".  The Alteryx workflow stores enough metadata to have a list of the fields available at any point in the workflow.  Any data that you want to present to the user in an input has to be either, 1) a field list from some point in the flow, 2) hard coded into the tool, or 3) taken from an external source.   


A good source to learn more about using the interface tools and how to configure them are the Creating Analytic Apps interactive lessons


There aren't any rules about asking follow-up questions on a thread.  Chances are, the person one of the people who were involved in finding the solution will answer.  If you do post a follow-up and get no replies after 24 hours or so, start a new thread on the main page.