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Absolute Path VS Shortened Path

7 - Meteor
Did you know that if you save your workflow in the same folder as your data source you can use a shortened path in your Input Tool versus typing out the absolute path?
Why use C:\Users\FILENAME\FILENAME.xlsx when you can use .\FILENAME.xlsx ?
Alteryx will bring in all of the data using this abbreviated path instead of having to type out the long file name.
If you are sharing workflows with users on the same team, it is always beneficial to save your workflows in the same folder as your data for resiliency and cross-training purposes.

This is Awesome to point out @dawnh80


Just wanted to drop this link here that goes into relative paths a bit more in-depth. It can be a powerful way to share Alteryx Applications or Workflows across the business, it also allows for easy publication to an Alteryx Server.