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Workflow last run Log /Troubleshooting tips?

8 - Asteroid

What is the best resource for viewing the log or something, after a workflow runs to see which widget in the workflow takes the longest to move to the next?  

I'm hoping I can improve the overall runtime. It takes anywhere between 4-6 minutes to complete.


It is a Batch Macro and it does have 2 Download widgets. over 4 million rows are returned at one point. The maximum offset is 100. 

I have a limit of 400 calls to the API but i don't know where to plug that in. 


Thanks for any suggestions!




17 - Castor

Hey @brwright if you click on any white space on your canvas and go to the ‘Runtime’ menu you can enable performance profiling (may need to be using AMP I’m not 100% sure). Once you’ve enabled this, you can set an output directory for the log files by going to your User Settings.


Performance profiling 2.pngPerformance profiling 1.png


Hey @brwright,

@DataNaths suggestion to enable Peformance Profilling is a great way to get a granular level understanding of tool runtimes.It should be mentioned that as well as the logs, you'll also be able to view the runtime for each tool directly in the Results panel, after running a workflow.


Now once you've identified which tools or processes require optimisation, you may want to take a look at the PDF I've attached, Alteryx Tips and Tricks, which shares some easy steps you can implement to make your workflows faster (amongst other cool things such as shortcuts!)




Alteryx Solutions Engineer

8 - Asteroid

Thanks, I enabled that setting. This will help for my macro that calls multiple workflows but doesnt tell me which one took the longest to complete and why! Thank so much!


Hi @brwright - You may watch the following training to learn more on how to troubleshoot your workflows: