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Visual Query Builder loads slowly - too many tables

6 - Meteoroid

When I start the Visual Query Builder I have to wait a long time to load the 1000+ tables in my database. Since I use less than 50 tables on a routine basis, is there something I can do in Alteryx Designer to load only a subset of tables in VQB? Or should I talk to my database admins to find a solution on the database server side? - Thanks!

19 - Altair
19 - Altair

Hi @Jnascensus 


The piece of code that gets the list of tables, stored procs, etc, seems to be horribly inefficient in Alteryx.  Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to save or cache this list and it needs to be refreshed every time you open the query window.  


About the only thing that you can is configure the "Choose Table or Specify Query" so that is starts in SQL Editor mode.  This should minimize the delay.   This only takes effect the next time you launch Alteryx.  From then on it will open in this page, until you pick one of the other ones.  This new one will become the default until you restart Alteryx again.  


Of course the drawback to this is that you have to build all your queries manually.


If the DB team are your friends, you could ask them to create a second database on the same instance of your server and put a copy of the 50 tables that you use with the identical table names.   During the development phase of your workflow, use this as the initial database in your connection string.  With only 50 tables to look up, VQB will load much faster. When you move to prod, change the initial database in the connection string to the production one.  Since the server and table names are the same for both databases, your workflow should work with no changes other than the initial database. 



11 - Bolide

Hey @dan , hello.

Would you know if alteryx team is aware of that and is trying to create a fix to store cache from those tables? 

Its really annoying to wait 5min to open it everytime

8 - Asteroid

Hi @Jnascensus : Typically this is where I use DBMS tools like AQT and SQL Server Studio. If you have another DMBS tool like these then I would recommend getting a similar tool to help you get your final SQL script faster over there and then import them into Alteryx.