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Update Select Tool Via a Tree Tool

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Im trying to figure out how I can use the Tree Interface tool to update a Select Tool.  I have used a List Box Interface tool that connects  to a Action Tool and the Action Tool to a select.  In this configuration the Action Tool has an action type called "Update Select with multi-select ListBox".  This action type is not available in the Action tool when it is connected to a Select Tool.  Ive also noticed that the Tree Interface Tool passes the "Key Field" into the connected Action Tool instead of the "Description Field".  I would simple like to replace the List Box with a Tree.  Is that possible?  How would I configure things to accomplish this?  Any help/examples would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @fimler 


Are you attempting to allow the end user to deselect fields within the app/macro?

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Hi @Maskell_Rascal ,


I was attempting to allow the user to use the Tree to select the fields they wanted within the app, no deselect.  I was thinking the functionality would be similar to using a list box to update a select tool.

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22 - Nova

Hi @fimler 


Tree tool is more specific used for browsing folder structure and XML tree structure. It doesnt support select on fields.



On the other hand as you also said list box is the tool which you can use on select tool to select/deselect columns.



Example files attached.


Hope this helps 🙂


If you give us more info on what you are looking for we can help you out 🙂

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Hi @fimler ,


Were you able to achieve this using a Tree Tool i.e. Providing user the capability to Select the Columns they want to export?


This is possible with List Box Tool. But I also wanted to achieve this using a Tree Tool because there are around 100 Columns that I want to provide the user. And there is no scrollability option in List Box Tool.

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I was not able to get this to work with the Tree Tool.....