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TS Forecasting

7 - Meteor

I am using ARIMA tool for forecasting sales of a particular product. I have to forecast sales of 35 different products with same starting and ending period. Is there a way to forecast sales by running ARIMA or any other tool JUST ONCE instead of running it MULTIPLE TIMES for each product separately.


Any help will be appreciated!

5 - Atom

I have an issue with the TS Model Factory, where I have 5 years of data on a weelkly basis and I am trying to forecast the sales of 32 000 products for the next 6 weeks.  TS Model Factory and TS Forecast Factory are taking a really long time for each products (30 seconds each).  Is there a way to make it run faster?

13 - Pulsar

@parefr  as you may be aware,


1. alteryx does the forecasts iteratively not in parallel... (at least not yet)

2. But you can run multiple workflows in parallel


So I would suggest this;


  • split your SKU's to forecast into N=2,3,4,5,6... how many parallel workflows you would like to run...
  • Assign a random number (integer) to each SKU limited with N
  • Open up the workflow multiple times and filter out SKU's by N=1, N=2, and so on...
  • Union all the results into a single data set later on...

This will parallelize your work hopefully...


7 - Meteor

Hi ,


I think I am missing something here. 


My data has sales ranks for each region (denoted by postcode) from July 2016 to June 2019 at a monthly level. I am trying to predict the sales bin number for June 2019.  So there are more than two complete cycles (2*12=24 months) here.


Please see the attached data. My target is 2019-06-01 and the data is grouped by post_code.


However the model says there aren't sufficient records at post code level for prediction and asks to provide more. Help is much appreciated.

13 - Pulsar

First things first,


your data is not in the right format... You should transpose the data...

Then for a one-off forecast select one of the groups (postcode etc)  and do either ETS or ARIMA...


Attached a workflow that I predict both one group and a random selection of 10 groups forecasted at once...






7 - Meteor

Hi BridgeT.My data has 11 thousand customer ID and I need Cost amount forecast for each ID. I tried using TS factory model and TS factory forecast for my data. But the forecasted data is giving same amount for all the months of each customer. For eg: If customer ID is 145678 its forecasting 348 for all the 12 months. Can you please help me with this?

6 - Meteoroid

How do you configure the TS Model Factory Tool to Select the Frequency and either ARIMA or ETS?

5 - Atom

Hi, I've already downloaded the Time Series tool in Alteryx Designer 2023.1, but not tools  for  TS Factory Sample. How to make sure i have it? Fyi, i already download Alteryx Intelligence.

downloaded it from official website
where i choose Alteryx Predictive Tools