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Summarize Tool - Concatenate String Maximum Length

7 - Meteor

I have found other posts similar to this one, but none of them have resolved my issue.  I have a database table that contains comments (mostly the body of email messages) and each comment (message) is broken into chunks of 1024 characters per record.  So, if an email message is 3200 characters long, it will be split into 4 records. 


Each of these strings a V_WString set to a size of 1024.


I am using the Summarize tool to concatenate those strings back together into one field.  After concatenating them, the Browse tool shows that the fields are truncated to 5192 characters, but it says that the longest value is 26079 characters. 


However, no matter how I try to output this record, it always gets truncated to either 5192 characters or 8192 characters.  I have tried to Excel, CSV, and directly to a MSSQL database to an nvarchar(max) field. 


Is there another option to get these strings to keep all of the characters?

19 - Altair
19 - Altair

Hi @pringleb 


it doesn't look there is an upper bound.  The attached workflow generates 10000 rows of the 26 letters of the alphabet and then concatenates them using a summarize tool




As you can see from the image of the profile tab of the browse tool below, a string of 269999 characters was created.  




In order to see the entire string, you have to dump it out to a file.


I'm not sure what the info that you see in the browse results window is (4021 bytes in my case) but it's not the length of the actual string




I successfully ran the WF with a 1000000 records, but it takes a long time to display the profile info


If you open a new window on the browse tool and double click on the single, concatenated field, it will display the entire string in the cell viewer




8 - Asteroid

Is this issue resolved? I am trying to concat the email ids with a "," seperator. But ehn I use it in email tool, it truncates and send the email to a few not to all the email IDs.

7 - Meteor

I never did find a true solution for this.  I finally broke down and created a macro to do it one record at a time. 

5 - Atom

The solved solution actually resolved your issue, the disconnect is when you look at the Summarize or even Browse output window, you see what appears to be an error message however your workflow should not have thrown an error. When you send to Browse and look at the configuration profile, you should see the entire concatenated string, no truncation.


The output/results truncates to 256 characters for display, the full concatenated data set is still available.