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String truncation after Summarize-Concatinate

7 - Meteor



I have two columns of string data, and am using the Summarize tool to first group by column A, then concatenate all of the strings in column B. However, Alteryx is truncating my data by default, and is only keeping the first 256 characters of the concatenation. I'll probably need as many as 4000 characters in a string, to then be passed through a join, append data, etc for analysis.


Is there a way to configure the Summarize tool to allow for longer strings after it concatenates?

7 - Meteor



What you are suggesting here might solve an issue I am having with a related topic. Could you share how you can build that in multi formula tool? This is for a new column that has concatenated values from all previous Column A values..


Mine is only concatenating values when values in Col A are the same.

7 - Meteor

Thanks @adm510 !  Changing the type to WString solved my issue. Cheers.