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SharePoint List Output: User field

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I am working on a series of Alteryx actions. I pull data out of a SharePoint Online list, process it, then make changes to the original list. One of the fields I am processing and changing is a user type column in SharePoint Online. When I use the SharePoint List Input tool all the columns show as type V_WString. I am able to update/create new list items using Alteryx but the user field always end up blank when I view the result in SharePoint.


For example. I decide to create a new record with a field Owner value of John Smith and some other details.  I send this info to the SharePoint List Output. The Owner value is not written/saved in SharePoint. The other detail is saved correctly in the new record.


How do I enter a user into a SharePoint Online user field? 

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Hi @User4524


If the field type within Sharepoint is "Person or Group", the value you send to Sharepoint will only update if it exactly matches a Person in your Sharepoint site.


You can test if it will work by manually logging into Sharepoint and updating the field with "John Smith". You'll see the row marked as invalid if "John Smith" is not found. 

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I setup a test of this in Alteryx where I captured the user field value and fed it back to SharePoint but it didn't save the value. Any other ideas?