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Set text in report export to be middle-aligned horizontally

5 - Atom



I'm trying to set my table export from Alteryx to be middle-aligned horizontally. In Excel this is a quick fix to just click on "Middle Align". 


I'm able to see that in the table tool there is the option of "Alignment (H)" and "Justification" . These are both set to "Center" however it does not appear to be working.


What am I missing? 


Thank you!

18 - Pollux

Hi - can you double check that the column Alignment in Table is actually set to center? Click on the column name under Per Column rule and make sure that they are set to center... Even though the overall Table was grey-ed out as center, when I clicked on each column, I had to manually reset it as center.


I tried it under browse and exporting to .pdf right now - and didn't have a problem altering the alignment in either. What are you rendering to?

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I'm rendering to Excel. Please see the example attached. Row is set to align center and then justification too. 

13 - Pulsar

Hi @kevinclark 


Can you show us how the output looks like in the excel file? The configuration looks to be correct. 


I also attached a simple WF to show you how the proper set up is, this way you can double check it.






5 - Atom

Hi @pedrodrfaria


In your example the vertical alignment is working but not horizontally.  Once the row height is expanded it shows aligned on the top.


I'm using version 2020.2.3. Not sure if this has been addressed in the newer versions. 


Please see my attachments.



18 - Pollux

Hi - I think your issue is you want to expand the cell size and center vertically.  Your horizontal centering is working .


Default Table Settings




Increase cell padding.


Make sure you also have Row Rules Justification set to centered


I am seeing though that records which are showing up as centered (vertically) on alteryx are not showing up as centered in excel. This is using the render option.


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @kevinclark 

It seems like you're looking to do vertical (up and down) alignment - in other words make sure that the data is displayed mid-way between the top and bottom of the cell?


This is something that Alteryx does not currently have as a base functionality - it's well worth logging an idea for this here: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/*/idb-p/product-ideas


If you have coding ability - you may be able to achieve this by messing around with the PCXML that the reporting tools use, but the exact change to make is beyond my current skill level (you need someone who understands layout on HTML tables)

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus



It's possible to vertical align by using the 'formula' mode in the table tool with the following statement...


"vertical-align: middle;"


You can then use the justification to get your horizontal allignment correct.


This image shows how I have set this up in the past.









7 - Meteor

Thanks Ben - this works well (make sure to select Header & Data to make it apply to the whole column 🙂 )