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Select tool issue in version 2021

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Recently I have upgraded my Alteryx software to Ver 2021.3.2 and then onwards I am facing an issue with duplicate / missing column name error in Select tool (Please refer attachments for version and issue). Whenever we do add a new column or make some changes in the existing workflow, Select tool automatically duplicates and missing's columns randomly. Currently as a work around we are adding a new select tool to overcome it. However this is very tedious and time consuming task as we need to manually see which of the columns were selected for next processing. Same issue is happening with Join tool also.

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17 - Castor

Hi @Pjathar ,


we'll need to see your workflow with some mock data to see what you're trying to do and what is causing the problem.




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I've having exactly the same issues since I upgraded to 2021.3.5. Has this been fixed in more recent versions? 


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17 - Castor

Hey @Pjathar, I don't see an error in the screenshot can you give an example of what is happening?

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Might be related to this.  I am having issues with Join Tools.  I pull the workflow down from the server and it runs fine on Designer.  I click on a Join Tool just to see settings and I get weird error and duplicated column names in Config window, most of which show as "(Missing)".  Not the start to the week I was looking for.  :)