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Run different workflows based on user input (Interface Tool)

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I am building multiple Alteryx workflows and would like to consolidate all of these different workflows into a single Alteryx file, where once the workflow is triggered, I am able to select which workflow to run using a radio button or selecting from a list. I do not have Alteryx server and having all the workflows in 1 file simplifies things on my end.


In the current workflow, I manually created a list of workflows that a user can run in the 'List Box'. The user is able to select from a list of workflows.

I'd like to use the user selection to run the workflow that matches user input and disable workflows that do not match user's input.

My thoughts were to use the Formula in the 'Update Value' tool to process the following:

If user input = specific keyword, enable container else disable container.


I'm having issues setting up the formula to trigger the enable/disabling of the container. Any suggestions on how I can set up the formula to achieve this? If you think there's a better way to identify & run specific workflows from a bunch of workflows, do let me know!




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Hello @Jes,


you are on the right path only that the formula goes a little different. What you change when yo select the parameter is the state which is either TRUE (the container is disabled) or FALSE (the container is enabled and everything inside works).


If you want workflow 1 to run then the action tool should something like this:



IF [#1] = 'Workflow 1' then 'False' Else 'True' Endif



If you have any doubts let me know.