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Power BI Output - Default web browser change (Log in process)

6 - Meteoroid

Hi Community,


I'm looking for some help with changing the configuration of the Power BI Output connector. 


When trying to establish the connection to the Azure tenant, I'm getting an error message that "You can't get from here...". After some investigation and error details reading I established that the popup window is actually a Chrome instance. Probably started by a webdriver or something similar so very limited instance. 

To successfully log in to the Azure tenant, I need to have the Windows 10 Accounts plugin (confirmed with our InfoSec team). I can't get it as this limited version of Chrome does have any plugin in it. I tried to log in into a google account but I'm being blocked by an error that says the web browser is not secure... 🙂


So, I thought, maybe I'll change a default web browser for the Win10 and that will make the connector spawn a different browser type. Unfortunately, after setting the Edge as a default one, the connector still brings Chrome to log in to the Azure. So I'm locked out.


Is there any way I can force the connector to use Edge as a log in engine?




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hello @PJUR 

This error appears to be internal with EY. 

You will need to speak with your IT or Internet Security team for assistance since these are restrictions they have implemented.


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6 - Meteoroid

Hi @TrevorS, 

We've been working with our InfoSec for a while now. Nothing will change until we get the Windows 10 Accounts plugin into the spawned Chrome instance. There has to be a way to tell the python code of the connector to open Edge instead of Chrome.


Is there a way I can contact the connector's author? I can't seem to find any contact details on the download page.



7 - Meteor

I work for EY and have the same problem!

Realised the chrome browser is created in a virtual environment using python. Hence it's not connected to the desktop browser.




If you manged to find any solution please let me know!.

7 - Meteor

The old Connector still works - But issue is it only publishes to Myworkspace.

5 - Atom

Hey Folks,


Could you please let me know if you found a solution to this issue? I'm encountering the same problem, and would like to know how to work through it. Thanks!