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Pipe output of command line process into Designer without writing to disk?

10 - Fireball

Is there a way to invoke a Windows command line process and pass the output into the datastream of Alteryx Designer without writing to a file as an intermediary?


I have successfully used a Run Command tool with "> output.csv" appended to the command such that the output which normally goes to the shell is written to a file, and then read that file into Alteryx Designer to pass the info along.


I would like to achieve the same effect without writing out to a file as an intermediary, but I am not sure if it is even possible for Alteryx to access that environment in any way. Anyone have any ideas?


(For reference, I am interested in using this to log success events that are kicked off via scheduled workflows and log them in a table. I'd rather have the same workflow kick off the event and then log the command-line results into the table, rather than having another workflow later that examines the output files from the first workflow and writes to the table.)

21 - Polaris
21 - Polaris

If your command line process happens to be the last part of your flow, maybwe can try the Event option of the workflow.



10 - Fireball

Hi @Qiu -- unfortunately this suggestion will not work with my use case, as I am looking for the output of the Run Command process to be picked back up by downstream tools.