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Output data without column headings to Excel

7 - Meteor

I want to output a data file to a specified range within an Excel worksheet WITHOUT the column headings.  Is that possible?

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

I don't think it's possible to omit the field name/header from the Output tool when writing an xlsx file like it is with a csv.


I suggest using a Dynamic Rename tool to do this before the Output tool. Set the tool to "Take Field Names from First Row of Data" and that will rename the field names with the first row (effectively omitting the headings from the output). 

19 - Altair
19 - Altair

Hi @buddy_jones 


As usual, @CharlieS has a great solution to a tricky problem.   The only possible problem here is if your first row has duplicate values.  The second of these will be renamed usually with "_2".  You will get a warning in your workflow


Another option, unless the requirement specifically calls for excel is to output as csv.  Most users have file associations set so that .csv files open in Excel anyway.  



7 - Meteor

Thanks, Charlie.  I think the .csv approach might have worked for me.  I went ahead and created a set of dummy rows in my data file just before the crosstab so that I would get the full set of column headers that I need.  I then filter out the row that contained the dummy data. 



8 - Asteroid

Not sure in what version this was added, but as of 2019.3, this is easily do-able with regular 'Output Data' tool options.


Select the 'Skip Field Names' box in the Output tool (highlighted below).


If writing to a specific cell or range in an Excel file, enter the cell (or range) into the output filepath. Here I've output a single cell of data from my workflow to C3 of an Excel file.