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OAuth 1.0 example needed

7 - Meteor

Hi Community, 


Does anyone have an example of OAuth 1.0 authentication or and example of an API connector with OAuth 1.0 signature creation?


My issue is that the API I am trying to connect to is only using 1.0 authentication with no alternate way to connect and no plans for future upgrads due to no backward compatibility.


I have been able to succefully accomplish OAuth 2.0 authentication however 1.0 is proving to be very difficult, In particular creating a hashed signature.


Any help is greatly appriciated! 





11 - Bolide

check out postman with interceptor. login with credentials and view code as curl to see syntax. You may be able to port code over to download tool.


good luck

7 - Meteor

This is a good idea Simon!


Obviously, if anyone already has an example of any OAuth 1.0 I would rather use that-  but viewing cURL to lift and shift some might work out.


I remember hearing about this technique at Inspire but I have never had the opportunity to put it to use. I would imagine the actual use of OAuth 1.0 over 2 and 3 is quite low.


5 - Atom

Any luck with this?


I am struggling and can't find much out there.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

I know this is WAY late, but i needed a fitting place to put my oauth1 macro and this looked like a great place to add to the conversation.


I've attached the oauth1 workflow package that I created recently after diving back into oauth1 calls for a client. After days of frustration (with the signature) I ran a call that I knew worked in Postman (using the built-in authentication) and basically tried every combination of URL/Parameter/Order/key/etc. until i found the correct hash and reversed the algorithm to find the correct structure. Further testing on the Alteryx gallery API allowed me to tune the macro to be more versatile. oauth1 is a pain to decode when you don't have a library or know how to use them. 


Shout out to @jdunkerley79  on the HMAC-SHA1 hashing tool! This also used the percent encoder macro, but i'm unsure where that came from - I'll attribute the source if/when i find that information.


Hopefully this macro will save you time and frustration. 🙂


- Jarrod


I know this is way late too, but this is a great Macro. Thank you @jarrod for putting it together. I've seen other macros that pull data from server but this one is by far the cleanest.

7 - Meteor

Hi @jarrod , great macro!! currently, I trying to find a method for publishing workflow to the Alteryx gallery in bulk. My boss suggested that I use Workflow endpoint API that requires Postman to execute. I'm new to API and I prefer using Download Tool for API implementation. During testing, I came across your oauth1 macro which is able to ask questions similar to Postman. Is there any updated version of this Marco that is able to Post files like workflow/image/document? 

I know this is WAY late, but hope this method can solve my publishing problem.