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Need Help with Map Setup

5 - Atom

Hey All,


We are creating maps in Power BI based on processing of our files in Alteryx. Inputs used in Alteryx - a ZTT file, zip-zcta crosswalk file, shape file.


Our data in ZTT file has 2 groups and both the groups have same ZIPs. However, we are able to create a near perfect map for Group 1 but we see a lot of white space in map output of Group 2 (both these groups have same ZIPs). We want to fill this white space in the map.


We found some of the ZCTA records were dropping so we used them to create centroid using Create Points tool and then used the Poly-Build tool to create a polygon. After this, we used the Spatial Match tool to match/combine both the shapes (Map with white space in brown lines AND this polygon shape with green boundary).


Now, we want help to maintain the US map's boundary and use this polygon just to fill any white space inside the US map.



13 - Pulsar

Hey @aamani,


You could look for a spatial file of the US (should be easy to find there sure are some on gov sites) and then cut the ZIP Codes from it (using Spatial Process) - this will result in a polygon consisting of everything that is not in the ZIP codes but in the US-spatial file -> your white spaces. 

5 - Atom

We are using a .shp file and the output we got for one of the two groups is perfect. Somehow, the output of the other group has a lot of white space in the west region. Both have same other input files and exactly same Alteryx processing. Below are the snips of both.









There is also a US boundary file in the Census 2010 Free Data available on your product portal: