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Multiple columns to rows at the same time

10 - Fireball

Hi everyone!


After a lot of parsing I have concatenated data, but I'am missing the final step before its usable. There are over 90 columns that look like this:


12321.09.2021 15:01,22.09.2021 15:21,23.09.2021 03:56,23.09.2021 08:27,23.09.2021 12:15PARCV,LDTMV,ULFMV,SRTED,DLVRDfalse,false,false,false,false,false
23421.09.2021 15:01,22.09.2021 14:18,22.09.2021 23:46,23.09.2021 07:13,23.09.2021 14:24,23.09.2021 15:01,23.09.2021 15:24,04.10.2021 20:28PARCV,LDTMV,ULFMV,SRTED,CNRFC,HNDDE,HLDCC,DLVRDfalse,false,false,false,false,true,false,false,false
34521.09.2021 15:01,22.09.2021 15:29,23.09.2021 01:04,23.09.2021 09:41,23.09.2021 12:18PARCV,LDTMV,ULFMV,SRTED,DLVRDfalse,false,false,false,false,false
45621.09.2021 15:01,22.09.2021 14:19,23.09.2021 00:45,23.09.2021 08:09,23.09.2021 14:18,23.09.2021 15:36,24.09.2021 09:31,25.09.2021 12:18PARCV,LDTMV,ULFMV,SRTED,CNRFC,HLDCC,HLDCC,DLVRDfalse,false,false,false,false,false,false,false,false
56721.09.2021 15:01,22.09.2021 14:16,22.09.2021 22:23,23.09.2021 03:48,23.09.2021 08:15,23.09.2021 13:28PARCV,LDTMV,ULFMV,ULFMV,SRTED,DLVRDtrue,false,false,false,false,false,false


And I need to convert them to rows, but it is not known beforehand how many rows each tracking has.


Is it really a lot of text to columns tools to split each column one by one to rows and then using an unique tool afer?


I hope this explains it already enough, I am trying to get the following expected output:


TrackingnumberDateDataStatusCodeTrueFalseAll other columns similarly
121.09.2021 15:01PARCVFALSE..
122.09.2021 15:21LDTMVFALSE..
123.09.2021 03:56ULFMVFALSE..
123.09.2021 08:27SRTEDFALSE..
123.09.2021 12:15DLVRDFALSE..
221.09.2021 15:01PARCVFALSE..
222.09.2021 14:18LDTMVFALSE..
222.09.2021 23:46ULFMVFALSE..
223.09.2021 07:13SRTEDFALSE..
223.09.2021 14:24CNRFCFALSE..
223.09.2021 15:01HNDDETRUE..
223.09.2021 15:24HLDCCFALSE..
204.10.2021 20:28DLVRDFALSE..
321.09.2021 15:01PARCVFALSE..
13 - Pulsar

Hi @Pingu 


Here is how you can do it. 


You'll need to flip your data first and then use a Text to Columns tool to split all the value to rows at the same time. Then just flip it back. I added in a couple extra steps on the workflow to clean up some empty values. 



Let me know if this works for you.





10 - Fireball

Thanks very much @Maskell_Rascal , with that help I managed to fix it. Was so close yet so far.


Is there a special meaning behind theTile_num  -3 or what does it do?

13 - Pulsar

@Pingu - In this case, it means nothing. Normally it is the assigned tile of the record, so it can be used when you're splitting data into equal sums etc. The Tile Sequence number is the important one here, since I'm using it as a record id for each grouping. 


You can learn more about the tool here: