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Multiple Tables in a single worksheet, each table based on criteria

7 - Meteor

Hello, I have the below dataset. How can I create two separate Tables for each Category (Cat A and Cat B) in a single worksheet? The columns in each Table will be Month 1, 2 and rows will be Item1, Item2, Item 3. I am attaching the output here. Thanks so much in advance!


Category  Month    Items    Dollar

Cat A        1            Item 1    100
Cat A        1            Item 2    200
Cat A        1            Item 3    300
Cat A        2            Item 1      10
Cat A        2            Item 2      20
Cat A        2            Item 3      30
Cat B        1            Item 1      60
Cat B        1            Item 2      70
Cat B        1            Item 3      80
Cat B        2            Item 1        1
Cat B        2            Item 2        2
Cat B        2            Item 3        3

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hello, @bobbybalan. I am moving your post to our Designer Discussions board for more visibility. 

Flávia Brancato
14 - Magnetar

I've had a go at this two different ways, see which works better for you.  One creates the tables for a normal output tool and will export without formatting.  The other uses reporting tools so you can include formatting.