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Manage Licenses Window Will Not Close

5 - Atom

I am using Alteryx Designer 2021.4.  I used Options > Manage Licenses to apply a new license because my license was going to expire today.  The activation occurred without any problems and the new license key (and new Expiration Date) shows up under Manage Licenses.  However, I cannot close or otherwise leave the Manage Licenses window. 


If I click Close, the Manage Licenses window goes away briefly and then returns.  Same thing if I click X in the upper right hand corner.    


I'd rather not kill the Alteryx process.  How can I get past the Manage Licenses window?


Please help.

7 - Meteor

I have no solution but just want to say that mine has the same issue and I upgraded to the newest version. It is really annoying because I spent a long time building a model and now cannot save it because the manage license window keeps popping up and not allowing me to edit anything in Alteryx. I feel I have to stop the Alteryx program and lose the content I just built


5 - Atom

Same issue and I tried using a new activation code but it still doesn't work. This is rather frustrating. 

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This is happening to me too. Can someone address it?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @kristenbaxter @Madisonf 


I would recommend reaching out to with a description of the issue.



5 - Atom

Not a solution, but force quitting still resulted in Alteryx having a recovered workflow that captured most of my work in progress, so I didn't have to start from scratch.