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List all tools used in a workflow

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I'm starting a new project, "inheriting" 200+ workflows built from different versions of alteryx, starting 10.5 until 2018.4

I will also have plenty of new users that will need to be familiar with some workflows very quickly. i.e learning part of the immense long list of tools available in Alteryx Designer.

Part of my role will also to find deprecated tools and find other solutions available in newer versions of alteryx.



For this, I use:

And a great reference that is easier for users than the complete documentation:


Question 1:

How to list the alteryx tools used in a workflow?

This way, we can list the right reference to users that will "own" a specific workflow, and prepare the training materials accordingly.


Foreseen solution:

I looked up the yxmd files as xml, and considering to parse for the version, and the tools name:

AlteryxDocument yxmdVer=




I would loop through all workflows of a folder to build this list:




I can then pivot this by tool or make the link to users.

The reason to repeat the version on every row is for the case where a tool has changed behavior/parameters between alteryx versions.


Question 2:

Do you see another way of doing this?

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

There is actually a workflow in Alteryx which does this already, it's one of the sample workflows...


Go to help > Sample Workflows > Use Scripting and Automation Tools > Build a Macro > Identify tools and macros used in a workflow


It already works with a directory input so you could rip it completely and pretend to your bosses you've done a whole lot of work :D



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Thanks a lot. How could I miss this one....


I used "list" instead of "identify" and the search could not return your previous answer to the exact same question:


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Hi Ben,


Thank you for your answer, i have a french version , and i don't "Use Scripting and automation tools" in "Sample Workflows".


Can you send me the workflow of the macro? 


Thank you 



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ACE Emeritus

Sure, see attached.



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Hi Ben,


I noticed in the Macro that the CodeName - ToolName mapping file was last updated in 2014. Do you happen to have a newer version?






@mwagner061 I have a new project where I was looking for an updated list as well - here's what I came up with! It includes:


- Base (included with Designer) tools

- Additional supported Connectors (downloaded from Gallery) - think Salesforce, Google Sheets, etc.

- Connect tools (from the Connect loaders)

- Predictive (R) tools


and a couple misc. macros I had on my machine. So not 100% all of the tools (it also includes past versions and deprecated tools as well) but as close as I could get!

Sophia Fraticelli
Senior Solutions Architect
Alteryx, Inc.
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Thank for Tool list very useful.

Is it possible to add the ToolID (numbers) into this list?