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Isolating first and last words in string

5 - Atom

Hi there,


I am trying to isolate the first and last word in a string. I have data of names and some names include middle names or nicknames The names can vary up to 5 words.... I first tried to do text to columns but then I don't know how to get the surname of the shorter names under the right column. I then tried to use the RegEx function to parse the first and last names but have been unsuccessful in writing a formula. Please can someone assist?



22 - Nova
22 - Nova

Hi @lisebiss 


Case 1: there is 3 words. Specifying "3" will return 3rd word. "-1" will return last word i,e 3rd word.

Case 2: there is 4 words. Specifying "3" will return 3rd word. "-1" will return last word i,e 4th word.

6 - Meteoroid

Crystal clear, thank you all!!

8 - Asteroid

Many Thanks , I was struggling a lot with the last names to get them. It worked perfect for me🤗