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Is It Possible to Have a Dynamic Snowflake ODBC Driver?

6 - Meteoroid

Is it possible to create either workflow specific ODBC Driver or is there a way to have the ODBC driver for Snowflake change dynamically say based on an input in the workflow?  


The reason why I am brining this up is that I have on occasion loaded data into the wrong Snowflake Schema because my current ODBC driver settings had changed from another workflow.  Of course, I had to do this manually, by automated workflows and manual workflows have either failed or loaded into the wrong schema since I forgot to change it based on the workflow in question.


So, any ideas to help with this issue?  Can this be a suggestion to develop something possibly that could change this in automated or workflow specific way?


Thoughts? My one thought is kind of less than idea but creating specific Virtual Machines that only run key workflows that are only configured for specific database and schema. So, just dedication but that seems to be less than ideal or optimal because it ties up a resource and I have more than one key workflow.  Or, is this a Run Command type solution that is needed?


Looking to thoughts, comments, suggestions, action....

16 - Nebula

I believe that you could develop this idea using file DSN connections. Inside of each file you can point the connection to a different driver, and you can use the control parameter to select the file to use on each situation





Here is how to set a file connection:




6 - Meteoroid

I appreciate this.  This looks plausible so I will give this a try.  Thank you.

16 - Nebula

You are welcome!


And i thought better, you dont even need to set the file connections if you want. The macro would work with the default connection too:




18 - Pollux

There are lots of potential solutions here which are fairly difficult - but can't you just remove Schema from your ODBC 64 setting? It's blank in mine and I don't have an issue connecting.