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Inconsistent action of keyboard tab key

9 - Comet



This is a minor issue, but it's driving me nuts!


On my external keyboard at work, when working in a formula tool, if I hit the tab key it indents the formula I'm writing. But on my external keyboard at home, the tab key navigates around the configuration window. 


I can't find any information on how to change the behaviour, and I find it bizarre. 

At home, I've tried pressing the tab key in conjunction with ctrl, shift, Alt, Alt Gr, Win, but it still just navigates around the window. I've tried the insert key, and turning function & screen locks on and off. 


I don't think this is an Alteryx issue as such because it's the single installation of Alteryx I have that I use in both locations on my laptop.


I prefer to use tab to indent my formulas, rather than to navigate around the window. 


Does anyone know how I change this behaviour please? 







5 - Atom

Has anyone found a fix? I'm currently using an old "tab" and pasting it which is very slow and frustrating.... Would love the ability to have my tab to indent back.  

9 - Comet



Unfortunately, not yet. I too would love to have the ability to indent back.

6 - Meteoroid

I am having the same problem and it too is driving me mad. It doesn't matter if I'm using an external keyboard or built-in. Shift + tab doesn't work for me either.


I just want my tab to work again.

Also, does anyone know why this is labeled as "Solved"? There is no solution in the comments.

9 - Comet

Hi temmacb


I think I marked it as solved when shift-tab was provided as an alternative before I found out it didn't work. I'd not thought to remove the 'solved' marker. I've done so now 😊

12 - Quasar

Yes, the shift tab does work, but it only works in the multi-field and multi-row formula tools. So it is really only a partial solution.