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Identify a Conversion Error

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Hello folks, am trying to change a huge data set to number format using the multi-field tool and am wondering if there is a way of identifying the locations of the conversion errors. It's a huge data set (Canadian census is back in long form!) and I am not having any luck in eyeballing it to identify the issue. Error return message is: ConvError: Multi-Field Formula (17): TONUMBER: x lost information in conversion.


There are no instances of "x" in the data, from what I can tell, so what is this message saying?!? It won't give me a row number or any way of identifying which cells are causing the problem (hits 10 conversion errors then maxes out).


Any help is appreciated! Many thanks,



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you could use a Filter tool with the Test Functions to check for numeric records.  



Scott Jones
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Hi @erin_nespoli,


Attached is a workflow that you can use to identify the troublesome data points. This approach uses REGEX to create a BOOL field if there's a non-numeric character found in the value. Because the data is transposed, the result after the filter will clearly tell you which row and what column the issues are coming from.



Hope this helps!