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How to split one column of data into several records having multiple variables.

6 - Meteoroid


I'll start by saying that this is my first post, and I hope I'll do a good job at explaining my problem precisely. Also, I did looked in the community, but didn't find exactly what I am looking for.


I'm extracting data from a website, have I'm having problems processing it to create a data table. So far I managed to extract one column which contains all my data (hundreds of rows). Each data record has a data followed by 11 variables. So row 1 =  record 1 (or date 1), row 2 = record 1 and var 1... row 13 = record 2 (or date 2), row 14 = record 2 var 2, etc.


At the end I'd like to have the field "date" and the 11 variables in columns and as many records as I have rows. Attached is an Excel file which replicates the data structure, but you'll understand that in the real scenario data comes from a "download" web connector.


Thank you fro your help.


Thank you

5 - Atom

Hi Nick,


Love the solution! In my particular instance, each grouping of data decreases by 1 row (for example, the first grouping has 125 records, the second has 124 etc) How can I bake that into the multi-row formulas?