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How to select a specific date range

7 - Meteor

Good morning all.


I need a help with a missing tool.


I used to use a tool to select a specific date range from an excel file but now this tool has an "?" symbol and the text "the entry point is invalid" and the below XML Config:


<Value name="">Timestamp</Value>
<Value name="">True</Value>
<Value name="start-end.start">2020-01-01</Value>
<Value name="start-end.end">2020-01-31</Value>
<Value name="start.periods">False</Value>
<Value name="start-periods.start">2019-03-04</Value>
<Value name="start-periods.type">Days</Value>
<Value name="start-periods.periods">1</Value>
<Value name="end.periods">False</Value>
<Value name="end-periods.end">2019-03-04</Value>
<Value name="end-periods.type">Days</Value>
<Value name="end-periods.periods">1</Value>


What can I do to restore this tool?


I am using the Alteryx Designer version 2018.3.5.52487 and I cannot update this version to the latest, so if there is no way to restore this tool, maybe there is another way to do the same with another tool combination?


I just want to select a specific range of date from a large list of dates.


Any guidance will be much appreciated.


Thank you


16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hi @Dario02,


I think, it's the Date Filter tool that is causing the problems. It has been deprecated and the functionality has been moved to the Filter tool, so you could replace this tool by the filter tool using the same settings. Does this help?





7 - Meteor



This should be something like this ? 



May this works ?

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

I assume, [TimeStamp] is a string datatype - yes, it should work. If you convert [TimeStamp] to a date data type, it would even be possible to use a basic filter.

7 - Meteor

Thanks for your guidance.


I am able to run the workflow with that modification.



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What is the datatype of your Timestamp field?


If it is a Date, then I would recommend configuring the filter this way:




If it is a String, then I would recommend configuring the filter this way:




This will return all record where the date lies between 2020-02-01 and 2020-02-29 (Including those two dates).


Let me know if this is helpful!