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How to run containers in sequence

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Hi Everyone,


I want to run containers in a sequence in order to use output of one container as an input to another container, How can i achieve this ? Can anyone help.


Thanks in Advance

21 - Polaris
21 - Polaris

@Inactive User 
I am not fully understand the situation without some snapshot.

But maybe you can try the Block until Done tool?

17 - Castor

@Inactive User if you want to use the result of one container to feed into the next, then surely you can just feed the output of the final tool in container X into the input of the first tool of container Y (as below)? If you want an output for each container then you could just connect an output tool to the final tools as well and still get one for each container. Another option would be to build each container out as a separate workflow and run them as chained applications, though this is likely unnecessary unless you can provide some extra info about the use case.




10 - Fireball

Hi @Inactive User, 


How many containers are there? Can you please share the snapshot of the workflow? I guess this can be done either using Block until tool or chained apps. If there are lot of containers in a workflow then chained apps will be cubersome method. In that case we can use block until to wire containers and run the workflow in order. 


Please share the dummy data or workflow to help you better. 

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@Inactive User 


You can use an If Then statement in the Action

  1. if the Control Parameter we say #1 then fire off that container.
  2. Then the #2 container would have an Action tool configured the same way 
8 - Asteroid

Solution 1:

What I understand you are looking for a conditional run. This is possible using the radio button in the interface tool.


Even you can have nested conditions and conditions in chains one after the other. 


But if you will be using radio button then, it will convert to the Analytics App.

12 - Quasar

Hi @Inactive User 


Without creating an app, or chained apps...if you want or need a workflows scheduled, you can build your tool containers on a separate canvas then copy'n'paste them into the final canvas in the order of which you want them to execute.  The containers will execute sequentially.  For testing or in final, you could use the Throttle tool to slow down the flow in order to observe this behavior.

14 - Magnetar

Running containers on a certain order is not possible yet. Alteryx is working on this feature, and from what I know it is expected to be released during the 2022.X cicle. For now, you can try the suggestions other already provided here.

12 - Quasar

That's interesting because it currently works for me by pasting them onto the canvas in the desired runtime order.

14 - Magnetar

That works, but it's not the most user friendly experience, and people have to figure that out. When this feature is out, you'll be able to connect the containers on the desired order.