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How to install Salesforce Input and Tableau Output in Designer, in Server Environment

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Hi @AlteryxProducts,


I hope someone can help me. I am trying to install the Salesforce Input and Tableau Output in Designer in the Server VM.


When I Run the Designer as an Administrator, the Salesforce Input and Tableau Output tools won't install and no pop up window for installation either.

But if I run the designer not as an Admin the installation continues showing the Tool Installer window. See the screenshot below.




Is there something that I missed for the installation to continue while running it as an Administrator?


I am working on these connectors as part of my use case to run and schedule a workflow in the Gallery. As of this time, we are on a testing phase before purchasing an Alteryx Server License.


Many thanks!


17 - Castor

Hi @Mwatts23 , I went to this link -https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Public-Community-Gallery/Salesforce-Input-Tool/ta-p/877898

selected version V4.2.4 and after downloading it I dragged and dropped the file in my alteryx canvas. 

Took around 2 mins to install, please refer to the image below:




It is working for me try following the steps then reopen alteryx again. I hope this works for you!





Sapna Gupta

Hi @Mwatts23 ,

1) open Designer as Admin - if you go to Help->About, it should say "Running elevated"

2) install the connectors by opening them as workflow from the Elevated Designer, i.e. go to File->Open and select the desired yxi file. 

this will pop up the same dialogue, but this time with the option to install for All users. 

If you're still facing any issue, feel free to ask our customer support@alteryx.com 

Vojta T., PM for Data Connectors
Try our Beta data connectors at https://bit.ly/3Ae8HgY
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Thank you @grazitti_sapna for this information. It helps a lot!

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Thank you @VojtechT . This works for me as well. Great info.!