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How do you extract the distribution parameters from the ditribution analysis tool?

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I'm running a distribution analysis on a variable and I would need to extract the mean, and std dev of it's relevan normal, lognormal, gamma and weibull distribution. As well as, the goodness of fit statistics.


Thank you!

18 - Pollux


Do you want the good news or the bad news? The good news is that it "should" be doable.... I'd save my distribution analysis with a new name first and then start experimenting - some of it as you can see is fairly straightforward adding browses and then turning them into macro ouputs... For the real good stuff - I think you'll need to go into the R code shown below and make some edits to what and how things are being output. I'll try to take a quick look at it tonight.

2021-06-03 (1).png

2021-06-03 (2).png

2021-06-03 (3).png

2021-06-03 (4).png

2021-06-03 (5).png





18 - Pollux

2021-06-03 (8).png

2021-06-03 (9).png

2021-06-03 (10).png

So there are only 5 output anchors from the R tool. You can go in an bump something else but here's my current solution...


Go into the R in your distribution analysis macro - find the section pictured above. Write the variable stats to a .csv file of your choosing. Bring it into your workflow later. See as pictured. Note - you can bump something else and have it write directly to an Alteryx/R out port. I'd recommmend detaching the report section that follows, adding a macro output instead and not doing this to any anchors which actually continue in the macro.

7 - Meteor

I've just added macro outputs after each of the R outputs (Except the quant one) and the code runs fine with the normal distribution analysis but with the one with the macro outputs I get this error: 

Error: Distribution Analysis (20): Tool #9: Error in stats::optim(x = c(40, 40, 40, 40, 40, 40, 40, 40, 40, 40, 40, :


The original distribution analysis runs fine with the same data and outputs a report

18 - Pollux

Did you follow my write.csv instructions in my second post? In the above post did you change anything inside of R or just hook up new browses and change to macro outputs? If it's the later -  I do not see how that can be generating different results or an error. So first run the macro as a general workflow. Close it. save it. then run in your workflow and see if it's still generating the error.


If it's the former - and you changed underlying R or workflow - I'd recommend implementing the browse in a different section. This is a bit of a trial and error process as again - there are only 5 outputs and Alteryx doesn't provide this data as a standalone. I do think the .csv export is probably the way to go since it makes the most minimal changes to the original tool/macro.

7 - Meteor

I added outputs at the end of the R tool again and for some reason it worked this time!


Thank you for your help!