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How do I remove gallery connections in Designer

11 - Bolide

I've got some gallery connections in designer and I want to remove them to reconnect as a new user. 


How do I remove these gallery connections in Designer? I see and add connections button but not a remove connections button.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

@Balders You can go through the save as or open workflow and click on your gallery. There should be an icon on the top right that you can click and then remove a gallery:



For what it's worth, the data is stored in the registry here:

11 - Bolide

perfect, thanks!

8 - Asteroid

Um what do you do when that whole screen is blank? I can't see any buttons for a gallery I am trying to remove / re-add.


Edit: Nevermind. I just saw your second comment on hacking the registry. Sorted. Thanks!

6 - Meteoroid

What do I do if this isn't an option for me?


The gallery windows under open workflow or save as don't let me interact with that button, and the whole thing seems fairly broken.  This is new after updating to 19.3.  


I tried going into the registry, but I don't have anything under that path.  I'm guessing this may be due to access controls since it's a work computer.  


Any suggestions?  I think I need to remove and readd our private gallery to get it working again, but I can't figure out how to do that.


edit: There are multiple "Software" directories under HKEY_CURRENT_USER, and it looks like I had the wrong one.  The correct one is in all caps.  Testing the fix now. 



7 - Meteor

You can also try saving workflow the gallery you want to delete and then click on the gear icon and select "Remove Gallery"2020-06-26_13-39-52.png

8 - Asteroid

When you either go to

  1. File -> Save As -> Private Gallery -> [select the gallery you want to remove]
  2. File -> Open Workflow -> [select the gallery you want to remove]


You get this screen