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How do I Output an Excel file to my SharePoint site?

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How do I Output an Excel file to my SharePoint site?

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Alteryx can write files to sharepoint sites - the trick is getting Alteryx/windows to treat sharepoint as a network drive location instead of a website.  You do this by using this convention:




The ''@SSL ' is necessary if you are using HTTPS on the site.

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Thanks for your answer.


I own the SharePoint site so there shouldn't be an issue there.  It not https so I removed @SSL from:




I get: Error creating the file "\\sharepoint[....]Networks": Access is denied.   [.....] is me leaving out the full addr.  Any idea?  Does http need to be in front of \\?


Thanks for any help.

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Were you able to get this solved?  I'm having the same issues accessing Sharepoint server from Scheduler Server. 

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I'm not sure I have an answer to your question.  I do have an answer to mine. 


I was trying to push up an Excel file to my SharePoint Site that is http and not https.


The format is:




Note: do not add http: to the front of that path

and if you have a space in your Library Name or other parts of the path then you need to add   %20   where the space would be.


Good luck.



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It works find from my PC, but when running on a server, I'm getting an error: cannot access the folder:


Here's my filename:




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@nnickerson I am running into the same problem. Works on my PC but not in the server. 


So far I have tried the following. 

Running with my credentials

Granting access to the Alteryx server service account

Replacing Spaces with %20


I sill get an error saying the folder cannot be accessed.


Any other ideas? 

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The server may not be setup to hit that path/folder.
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Check that you have WebDav installed and enabled on the server
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Hi @dataMack @Brad1 @JTCairns @AndrewK @nnickerson 


I was able to configure the Sharepoint output path as shared by dataMack.


My question is I am unable to schedule this on a weekly basis, when I push the flow to gallery it does not work. Is there a way to resolve this ?


Also in my company I need to first authenticate the Sharepoint link on Internet explorer for the first time and only then does the flow work.


Any guidance here would be valuable.


Thanks in advance