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How can Alteryx help in tracking deadlines?

8 - Asteroid

I want to prepare a monitoring schedule for my  FDs and also want to track its renewal deadline. How can I achieve it? 

I am also attaching a dummy data set

11 - Bolide

Surely Alteryx can do it,but It depends how you want to track those renewal deadline.

8 - Asteroid

So I want to get a notification whenever the deadline is approaching so that I don't miss any compliance  

18 - Pollux
18 - Pollux

Hi @Rupal03 


You can use something like this




The Reminder Interval Text Input tool has the number of lead days.  Append this to the input data and use a formula to only pass the dates where the difference between that date and today is less than the lead days.  I also included a clause to ignore renewal before today.  This is assuming that you'll actually get to them before the renewal date and once renewed, the renewal date will be updated.


Change the Browse to an email tool and schedule this daily. 




13 - Pulsar

Are you working with just Alteryx Designer?  Designer will only be able to notify you of things when a workflow is run manually.  You would need a server or scheduler licence for this to happen automatically.


You could set up a workflow something like the attached, which will error to notify you of dates within the next month each time it runs.  The browse shows the records.