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Help with Join/Union

7 - Meteor

Hello - I am having trouble getting the right results from my join.  I know exactly what I need to happen, but I've failed at selecting the correct way to make this happen.  I've attached screenshots in a document (as I'm unclear how to show them in the actual post).  I'm very much a rookie, so hopefully someone sees quickly what I need to do!

Thank you!


8 - Asteroid

Hi @jseaburn you would use the join tool, formula tool, and union tool. The flow would look like this: 




Where the formula tools would insert whatever value you wanted for the unmatched records. You will probably also have to edit which fields are included in the middle join, so all three input sources to the union tool have the right number of fields.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @jseaburn 


You can also use the Join Multiple Tool. The output is always the full outer join of the records, unless you check the option to "Only Output Records that Join from All Inputs".


7 - Meteor

Thank you both for the suggestions!  I ended up using the Multi-Join tool.  The input didn't give me exactly what I wanted so I used a formula and select tool to make my way through and was able to achieve what I needed!  I'm not sure it's the "best" way..but it works 🙂  Thanks so much!