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Geocoding Tool Error

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Dear Experts 


I have problem on my Geocoding tool when I want to extract a spatial point from the address (Lat, Lon), here is an example on an address in Saudi Arabia :


Dove Plaza، Umm Al Hamam Street, Umm Al Hamam، Umm Al Hamam Al Gharbi, Riyadh 12322


When I connect it to the geocoding street tool it gives the following error as it shows below:

GeoCoder Error.JPG



This is because there is no Geocoding database available, how I can get the Geocode database mentioned in the picture above? 


How I can use it with Google Map API key ?







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The Street Geocoder tool is designed to use installed spatial data products licensed from Alteryx. You'll need to contact your Alteryx representative to inquire about the pricing and availability of those datasets.


If you have a Google Map API key, I imagine you could use the Download tool to execute those API calls without any additional products.

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Hi @MAAbdullahAlMubarah 


@CharlieS is right - to use the Street Geocoder tool you need an offline geocoding dataset built by Alteryx as part of a Location Insights add-on.


That said, we currently do not have any Location Insights add-on's which cover KSA. So you will need to build your own geocoding tool using a 3rd party API. As I mentioned in another thread you had posted in, our partners at The Information Lab have a great write up on Geocoding with the Google Maps API that you should check out.

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Thank you so much, Yes It's very clear and straightforward very good resource to start on GeoCoding.







In addition to the resources & tips provided by the community, I have also attached a sample workflow for your reference on how we can geocode the lat/long coordinates of a given address - especially for areas where you may need to use a Third Party API (e.g. Google Map API & Key) to execute the geocoding process. 


In this sample workflow, I have tried to map out the lat/long coordinates of retail stores' addresses located in Indonesia, in which the concept is similar to the methods suggested in The Information Lab's blog post which Travis has shared earlier. 

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Thank you so much @mutama  for your dedication, I'll look at it then get back to you by tomorrow cuz today I'm out of town.