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Generating Zoom meetings en masse with API?

8 - Asteroid

Hello all. Has anyone ever connected to the Zoom API in Alteryx in order to generate multiple Zoom meeting invitations at once? I am trying to do so but am being frustrated by Zoom's relatively complex documentation and for some reason am unable to use the OAuth 2.0 access token I've generated to actually access the API.

I first tried to replicate the solutions in this post but I would like to use the OAuth 2.0 authentication method as it appears Zoom is discontinuing it's JWT based services this September and I'm a little unfamiliar with Python and am unsure how to troubleshoot the Python tool in the workflow.

The issue I am running into is that every endpoint I use with the access token returns an error saying that the token is expired which is an issue that was raised in the previous thread however no one can seem to answer why this error is occurring on freshly generated tokens. I feel that I have done everything right according to the documentation so I don't understand what's happening. Does anyone have any insight or guidance into this issue?