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File Copying and Moving

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If you want to move or copy files without using cmd or powershell solutions you can now install this tool made with the Python SDK.




You can choose to keep the filenames the same but you can also rename them at the same time. It's a yxi package you can download and install from my Github site.


Happy moving!

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

What a great idea to transform it into a tool!! Thanks for sharing @bobpeers 

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Hello Bob -


When I utilize your tool, the originating Directory path folder ends up being placed inside the destination path folder, along with the target file that was moved. This is in use with a Directory tool input, and defining the Destination path via a Text tool - which already has a defined target folder name that's been created in that path.



Text Tool setup - to mimic what is actually already in place in the Directory path:




Prior to File Copy and Move Tool use in Module:

Directory - \\UNC\Folder-A\Folder-B\TargetFile.xlsx

Destination - \\UNC\Folder-A\Folder-C


Expected outcome:

Directory - \\UNC\Folder-A\Folder-B

Destination - \\UNC\Folder-A\Folder-C\TargetFile.xlsx


Actual outcome w/ File Copy and Move Tool Use in Module:

Directory - \\UNC\Folder-A\All Folders other than B

Destination - \\UNC\Folder-A\Folder-C\Folder-B\TargetFile.xlsx


I realize I must be incorporating an incorrect setup - anything stand out on how this has been setup?


12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

@bobpeers ,


What a great share! I constantly run into people who are looking for this functionality. This is much friendlier than asking user to use Command Line to address the problem.

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Hi Sean,


I'm having a hard time recreating what you are seeing. In my own test I have these fields mapped as Source and destination:






And after the move operation the images folder is empty and the output folder has the images but not extra folders as in your example:




Is your setup like this? Can you show me some of the file paths so I can try to see if there's something else going on?





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My mistake in front of me, plain as day! Bringing in the files to process via the Directory tool, I have Directory in the Source, rather than the FullPath - ugh!


The tool is working perfectly with the correct FullPath in the source path option. It was doing just as designed when I had:



instead of




Sorry for the bother!


Now my only trick is performing a rename function on the moved files - my customers want to see a timestamp on when their particular file was processed.


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@sean_bolte_dup_544 Good to hear!


As the tool says if you use a formula tool to change the destination so it also includes the filename the tool will automatically rename the files for you 🙂

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17 - Castor

Hey @bobpeers  - this really is super helpful.

I did something similar with creating folders (which is also a common task) - I've put the python below in-case you want it (had to change the extension to .txt for the community to allow the upload)




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Thanks a lot this is fantastic ! Exactly what I needed 🙂



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@bobpeers First off just wanted to thank you for developing this tool, it was exactly the solution i needed for a recent workflow i was asked to develop. I just ran into an issue however attempting to run my workflow on the server. I had the admin install the tool on the server, however I get the error below when attempting to run it. It does run successfully on my local machine.


Error  |  80  |  Error: Unable to resolve plugin Python 'FileCopyMove\'


Should this tool be able to work on the server? I know the server service account has access to our local network share folders as i perform other actions in this main directory with other workflows on the server. Could it possibly simply the location the tool was installed on the server maybe differing from the install location on my local?


Thanks for the help!