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Failed sending data to the peer

8 - Asteroid

I use the email tool quite a lot, but recently some have been failing! This is the error message:


00:01:4.401 - Error - ToolId 91: Record#1: Failed sending data to the peer 


I set up the tool (SMTP, port, etc.) the same across all instances of the email tool, but it seems to work for some (most) but not others! Any ideas?


I run this workflow on server (the email tool can't be run from designer at my organisation).

8 - Asteroid

Update update: Check the delimiter. Semicolon no space seems to be the fave here:

7 - Meteor

I just experienced this issue as well. It turned out for the 2 emails that failed, one had a space at the beginning, and one had a space at the end. Other than that, multiple email recipients is working great.

5 - Atom

I am getting the same issue, its says"Error: Email (94): Record#1: Func 'curl_easy_perform' failed, ret = 55, desc = Failed sending data to the peer"

5 - Atom

Did you fix this issue?

5 - Atom

I got the same error as above, in my case there was a typo in the email address.  something like vs