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Excel formula conversion

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Hi All,


I want to transform this excel formula into Formula using IF statement.




Please assist me on this. Thanks.

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In Alteryx, you can use the Formula tool to create calculated fields similar to Excel formulas. To translate your Excel formula into Alteryx's formula language, you can use the following expression:


IF [AH] = 0 AND [AG] <> 0 AND [D] > [B] AND [E] = FALSE THEN "Yes" ELSE "No" ENDIF


Make sure to replace [AH], [AG], [B], [D] and [E] with the actual column names in your Alteryx workflow. This expression assumes that the referenced columns exist in the dataset you are working with. Adjust the column names accordingly based on your data.

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@Sarath27 in your formula there is a constant value $D$1, so you might need the append tool to append the constant value to every row, then use the formula tool or multi-formula for the calculation, Can you provide a sample file and expected output?


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Thanks much both @binuacs @Hammad_Rashid