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Error when writing data (Excel)

5 - Atom

Hello All, 


I seem to always have an issue writing data to the same file from within the same workflow.

In this workflow, at different points I have summary data writing to the same excel file.

I've tried the block until done, but maybe someone can better explain what I should be doing. 

20 - Arcturus

@djaelen_evans824 since you are writing your output to the same excel, you have to make sure that the first operation should complete before the other ones. One option is to use the Block Until done tool, and another option is to use the macro 'wait a second'


you can download CReW macros from Chaos Reigns Within


There is a tool in that package called "wait a second" --  this tool allows a user to specify a wait time between records passing through the tool.




8 - Asteroid

You mentioned you tried Block Until Done already, but did you try it like this?  This seems like it shouldn't be right since your not connecting to the 3 outputs, but since you only want to make sure the data doesn't write at the same time and don't care about the order, this should achieve what you want simply without trying to tie the data into the Block Until Done tool upstream.  The data will finish writing to the first output before another Block Until Done tool is processed.