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Error runing event and unable to send email when workflow has errors

8 - Asteroid

Hi, Community,


I have the event set up sending out a notification email to me when workflow have errors,


The idea is to capture the failed workflows and to investigate issues and make sure all the workflows run every day,


But sometimes event has the error and unable to send the email when the workflow has errors,


If that's always the case, then the event will not be a reliable source to monitor the status of the workflow,


Also please suggest the best practice to monitor the status of the workflows, let's say we have 100+ workflows scheduled, and we need to make sure all the workflows run successfully  and if not we can get notified and act as soon as possible,



13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

HI @khu!


As part of my personal best practices with Alteryx, I setup the Events tab to notify me anytime a scheduled workflow is disabled or has errors. I have never had any error with the events tab. Do you know what is causing the error?