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Email Workflow Output as an Excel file

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Hello all,


I've a workflow that generated output to 2 sheets of the same excel file. Both sheets contain the same data. I want this excel file to be emailed to a recipient at the end of every run. Please let me know how this can be achieved.

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hi @mercurial_maverick ,


add the email function to one your outputs and use the attachment option to find the file you wish to send. hope this helps!




15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @mercurial_maverick, I often create the output path for the excel file in the formula tool and use it in the Output and Email tools to attach the created file within the email tool. I have attached a sample workflow for you to reference.



Let us know if you run into challenges.



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Hi @mercurial_maverick 


You can do it using the tool Email from the Reporting Tab



You are going to need de SMTP server and the credentials that let you send the email.




After you have that info, just put the data of the email, and in the attachments section attach the file you just write.


From the image you attach, you can put the file in the first output and the email tool in the second output,  in order that update first the file.


I hope it helps!



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15 - Aurora

As a follow-up to my previous post, I would be suggest being careful with the Email tool. By design, the tool sends an email for every row of data coming into it. Hence to avoid duplicates, folks tend to use the sample tool just before the email tool and restrict it to 1 row.


My original solution didn't include it but hopefully, the image below helps.



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@AbhilashR Thank you!

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Thanks very much. I used your workflow and it was close to the final solution. My final solution was to exclude the sheet part in the formula tool. It seems like the full path with sheet name in the end does not work.

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Thank you for sharing this! Just spent a long time trying to figure this out and removing the sheet specification entirely worked. I was assuming that the Email tool would require specifying the "|||SheetName" like with the normal data input and dynamic data input tools, but it turns out it will throw errors if you have anything after ".xlsx" in your filepath field.