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Dynamic multi-row / Multi-field at the same time?

7 - Meteor

Hi all,


I've got data that is pulling in from an excel sheet that has merged columns, which obviously Alteryx does not like! I was wondering if there was a way to easily tag the data using Alteryx without having to change the underlying spreadsheet template.


Here's an example of the excel sheet:









In Alteryx, I want to be able to show that the Proceeds, Cost and Gain/(Loss) columns all relate to Ordinary Shares and Fund IV. On the excel, the number of funds will change so this needs to be dynamic and they're always next to each other. The columns for Proceeds, Cost, Gain/(Loss) all have numbers in the rows below them.


I hope this makes sense? Any help is appreciated!

11 - Bolide

@PickleRick, you'll likely want to transform the header information and join it back to the data table after you have performed the Multi-Row Formula fill down:


7 - Meteor

Hi Aaron,


Ah of course! I totally over-complicated that in my head!


Thank you 🙂