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Dynamic Range

6 - Meteoroid



I have an app I need to run on my own gallery server, where a user selects a start date, and end date, and can also select from a list of model types, which represents claims and sums the total number based on the state location.  I want it to create a US states map with 3 colors- Green(high), White(normal), Red(low), divided equally into thirds based on the state totals.  The problem I am having is how to show 3 colors that represent the total counts when the ranges will always change because of the users criteria selection? 


For example, if a user selects 1 week, and only 2 model types, I may get a count of-

State     Count

AZ           1

AL            1

CA           2

FL            3


But if a user selects a larger time frame, like the last 3 months, I would get a much larger count of-

State     Count

AZ             5

AL             14

AK             22

CA             65

FL              90

TX             155

IL               205

etc, etc


Is there any way to somehow get the count range to always be in thirds(for each of the 3 colors), even thought the count ranges will be completely different?


I appreciate any help.



11 - Bolide

Hi @robert_derubeis, could you do something like the below? I basically used a tile tool and divided it into three groups with each group being equal in the sum. Then based on the group number, I either coded it red, yellow, or green in the next formula tool. 



6 - Meteoroid

That is exactly what I did, but it is not what I need because the values of the "count" field can be completely different based on the user selection.  The end result I want is a 3 color thematic map(high/red, medium/white, low/green), based on the total "count" value for each area.  By using the tile tool and specifying - equal sum with 3 tiles, it gives an incorrect map depiction when the user values are, for example, the first 30 rows = 1, the next 10 rows = 2, the last row = 3(based on the 3 equal groups tile tool).  I would need a legend range of 1=green, 2=white, 3 or more=red.


But if the user selection returns something like in my example, where the count is between 5 to 205, then I would need a completely different legend range, more like


5 to 50=green

51 to 100=white

100 or more= red


but I don't know what the range will be until after the user makes their selections?

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hello @robert_derubeis ,


First you would need to set up some proportion rule. What are the conditions? What if almost all states but 1 are close in numbers? After setting up the rule you want to apply you could work with it.


If you give us your conditions we may be able to work with it.