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Download *ALL* HTML

6 - Meteoroid

I am working on some shipment data analysis for my company. The data on this is lacking, so I am looking to batch download the raw HTML from websites like this ( to see the detailed tracking information. 


This is the information I am looking for:



In the past, I have simply run the URL through the download tool and then parsed the results. I am coming up short there, as the data I am seeking does not show up in the response. 



This is really weird, because when I "Save As" in Google Chrome, the document saved contains all information I could need. 


I then explored using Python to grab this data, but I came up short (I do not know Python well). I followed this tutorial: 


Any help would be appreciated! Goal is to:

  1. Have a list of USPS Tracking URLs
  2. Download/extract all information
  3. Pass this data on in the workflow to be analyzed (I am very good with parsing through Regex, so I am confident that if I can download the data, that I can succeed)






17 - Castor

Hi @calebhowellks 


I'd suggest using the USPS APIs for this -  they're free.