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Deleting old input files

8 - Asteroid

Hi all

I have seen a few posts regarding the deletion of "old" input filers then running the workflow, or as a cleanup after the workflows have been run, but can't seem to locate solution for my requirements.

I need to be able to delete all files in a specific folder, older than 48 hours (new files are created every Monday and Thursday).

The only issue I can see is the folder name has both spaces and an ampersand ('&') [e.g. G:\Shared drives\AU Desktop Support National\Operational & Reporting\Departers\Input files], which is causing a 'parse' error when/if I use the formula tool 

There are 10 files in the folder consisting of either  ZIP or XLSX files, does not contain any subfolders and all files can be completely deleted.

The "Directory Tool" is recognising the directory structure correctly


Can anyone offer a suggestion as to fixing the parse error, so the files can be deleted ?

17 - Castor

Hi @adarsh2707, yes that would be possible. Probably via passing your list of folders through a batch macro

8 - Asteroid

Thank you very much